Orlando Surgery Center contracts with most major carriers.

Our business office team will submit the claim to your insurance company for the facility charges. Most surgical procedures performed in our facilities are covered in whole or in part by medical insurance.

As a service to our patients, prior to the day of the procedure, we will provide an estimate of the surgery center fees and patient responsibility (coinsurance, copayments, or deductible amounts) you will be required to pay prior to or on the day of your procedure. The surgery center's fees are based on the procedure your physician scheduled. As with any medical procedure, if unforeseen circumstances should arise during the procedure, it may be necessary for the physician to perform additional or different procedures and/or to use more/less expensive supplies or implants. The use of implants and/or the difference in procedures may cause the estimate to vary significantly.

However, it is understood that final gross charges and patient responsibility will depend on actual services provided and may or may not exceed the original estimate.

As referenced in Florida Statue 395, all patients or prospective patients are encouraged to contact his or her health insurer or health maintenance organization for additional information concerning cost-sharing responsibilities.

In accordance with Florida Law, upon verbal or written request, Orlando Surgery Center will provide the patient in writing or by electronic means a good faith estimate of the Facility's anticipated gross charges based on the patient's procedure(s) as indicated by the physician to treat the patient's condition within seven (7) business days of the request (if a patient is insured, the contracted insurance rates will supersede the gross charges estimate).
You will receive separate bills from Orlando Surgery Center, your physician, and your anesthesiologist. You may also receive separate bills for any diagnostic services, such as laboratory or pathology, and, intraoperative neuromonitoring,.

Information on our Collection Policy, our Financial Assistance Policy is available in the Patient Information section on this website.

Florida Law requires us to notify you that services may be provided in this health care facility by the facility as well as by other health care providers who may separately bill the patient and whom may or may not participate with the same health insurers or health maintenance organizations as the facility.
In accordance with Florida Law, patients and prospective patients may request from this facility and other health care providers a more personalized estimate of charges and other information.

Patients and prospective patients should contact each health care practitioner who will provide services in Orlando Surgery Center to determine the health insurers and health maintenance organizations with which the health care practitioner participates as a network provider or preferred provider.